Social Media in 2022, What's New?

Social Media in 2022, What's New?

Did you know that a brand can now live very well without a presence on television? For many companies, social media is enough to achieve the reach they want. Clearly, this trend is only going to become more popular in 2022. Older people are getting increasingly comfortable with social media, grandmas ‘like’ their grandkids’ posts and vice versa. Companies are realizing the obvious: a presence on social media is essential, whether they are aimed at people in their 20s or 70s. Netflix has also recently produced a series where the basic premise demonstrates the incredible power of social media for businesses. #EmilyInParis

An Explosion Is Happening

Over the past two years, the growth of social media has increased tenfold. Due to the pandemic, the population was cut off from their usual activities, and many have completely changed their habits. Striking consequence: an explosion of podcasts! Podcasts have been integrated into other activities, including taking all those walks outside or making all those homecooked recipes!
Another explosion: short videos. YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, there is now so much video content circulating, it is absolutely necessary to stand out if you don’t want to drown. How? By producing interesting (of course), quality (and even), custom (bingo!) content.

The Secret Is Customization

The secret to high-reach posts is often customization. Some companies choose to be fun, provocative, innovative or highly targeted in their messages. Depending on the type of the business and its audience, it is essential to have content that is made specifically for you, to be creative and try something different.

A company on social media must have its own personality, which will increase the attachment its audience has for the messages. And to get there, you have to develop reflexes, put on your social media glasses and jump on the right elements to publish.

The Automotive aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket is no exception. At Victoire Events and Web, many of our clients are owners of auto centres and auto parts stores, who realize the impact of their presence on social media. Be careful, the objective is not necessarily to find new customers, but often to better communicate with existing customers.

How about instant communication! You have to admit that for the past 2 years, in the midst of a pandemic, there has been nothing better than social media to know if your garage or parts store is open, has restrictions, or is ready to welcome its customers or not.

The last two years have demonstrated the instant power of social media in a huge way, and at the same time the importance of enhanced personalized customer service. Customers have started to get used to it and can be sure that it will continue in 2022, with or without a pandemic!

Patrick Gagnon, CEO
Victoire Events & Web