Search Engine Optimization and Content Strategy

Also called natural referencing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the answer to the question: “How do I get my website to rank first in Google?” It is a series of optimizations and practices that position a website’s rank higher in search engine results. And when we talk about how high a website is ranked, we are also talking about increased traffic to the website!

Why Do We Talk About Natural or Organic Referencing?

The goal of SEO is to better position a website by relevance and value for search engines like Google or Bing. It can be distinguished from paid search ads, which involves paying search engines to get better visibility.

Organic SEO involves more internal website development work to do than paid search ads, it isn’t a question of just choosing keywords and investing money in them for a limited period.

Remember that paid search advertising is temporary, while natural referencing is a lasting solution that is more profitable in the long term.

Showcase Your Website

At Victoire, we divide SEO work into three categories: content strategy or marketing content, technical optimization and external optimization.

1.    Content Strategy

This is the biggest part of SEO, and answers the question: “What should I put on my website?” Content strategy should reflect your business goals, and it is our job to make sure it does.

First, our experts start by understanding your reality, your business’s mission and what you want to showcase on the web. Then, we look for the best keywords that represent you and will make you stand out in the search engines.

The production work can now begin, creating and optimizing news, blog posts or product sheets, this is when we bring the website to life. With help from our video production and graphic design experts, we have everything you need to make your business shine.

2.    Technical Optimization

Our team works on your website’s architecture, metadata, tags, internal links and the proper integration of different media. Generally, we prefer to leave most of this work to our web developers, as they have the expertise to implement these important aspects of your website.

3.    External Optimization

To add value to your website, we need to consolidate its credibility across the web. The goal is to have the most relevant references to your website on other websites. At this stage, it is essential to take advantage of the right opportunities and develop your community. This is one of the reasons that social media are a valuable addition to a website.

Continuous Work

Organic referencing on search engines is continuous work where the return on investment becomes increasingly substantial over time. Working with our team can help you take your website to the next level.