Victoire Events and Web Netiquette

Victoire Events and Web welcomes you to its social networks on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Above all, social media is a space for exchanging and sharing content. Which is why subscribing to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and our Instagram account offers you a friendly, inviting and respectful space to connect. Our company places a great importance on dialogue and exchange with its communities. Some of the advantages to participating on our various media are:

  • Discover our events and life at our company 
  • Find out about our different projects
  • Share the experiences you have with our team with the rest of the community
  • Find out about the services we offer
  • Meet the members of our team

The Facebook page, Instagram account and LinkedIn page of Victoire Events and Web (VEW) are managed by our communications department.

Message Management

At VEW, we read every one of your comments, with no exceptions. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any comments that are:

  • Defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or racist
  • Personal and/or verbal attacks against members of the Victoire Events and Web team or against subscribers
  • Threats or calls to commit criminal or hateful acts against a group of people, a community or individuals

Respect Is Essential on Our Social Networks

Whether it is our Facebook page, Instagram account or LinkedIn page, exchanges must be respectful. Respect is one of the most important values in our society and we count on your courtesy, your understanding and your good judgment.

Privacy Matters

We promise not to share any private information. Do not hesitate to contact our communications coordinator if you have specific request about your personal information.

Promotion and Advertising

We accept posting hyperlinks, provided the content is related to our services and/or our events.

It is important to note that no personal or competitive advertising is allowed.

Our presence on the various platforms (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) is managed by the Social Media Manager at Victoire Events and Web. She will make sure to respond to comments from members of the various platforms as quickly as possible.