About us

About Victoire Events & Web

Victoire Events and Web combines its talent for event management with its expertise in web solutions to offer you a wide range of services for your events, corporate activities and websites, all with fast turnaround times.

Our expertise includes:

At Victoire Events and Web, we are not afraid to go out into the field!


We make your projects a success by putting our digital expertise at your service.


Become the leader in digital solutions for the automotive aftermarket.

The values we adhere to


Always ready to adjust

Our greatest quality is definitely our flexibility. Our multidisciplinary team allows us to adapt quickly and effectively to all conditions. We easily adjust our working methods to different situations.


Prepared to face challenges

Our team is committed, invested and passionate. Our professional commitment is stimulating for all our clients.


Loyalty that is immovable

We develop sincere relationships with our clients. We pass on our knowledge transparently and accurately. We build long-term business relationships.


Optimized results

Our expertise allows us to quickly identify our clients’ needs and objectives. This enables us to efficiently produce relevant results, which translate into the desired effect. This efficiency is distinguished by the availability and responsiveness of our team.


Enthusiasm for our work

Our team’s enjoyment is reflected in their enthusiasm to innovate, create and provide our clients with the best possible service. We understand how important it is to evolve positively during the development of a project. We promote a climate that is conducive to respect, consideration and recognition.

Our team


Patrick Gagnon
Personal Information Protection Officer

Our lead creative has tons of great metaphors to explain difficult concepts so they make complete sense. The entire team agrees that Pat must have a warehouse filled with ideas somewhere.

Keven Ouellet
Co-owner and Webmaster

Our official WOW supplier and the shadow behind the success of all our projects. Kev is like a secret ingredient in all the best recipes: Essential.

Laura Beaudry-Montminy
Business and Accounts Manager

Laura is just as dedicated and efficient in her personal life as she is in her professional life. When she sets her mind to something, nothing can stop her! An example, her recent Super Bowl party, a prized annual event cherished by friends and family. She even brought home a display from the supermarket with the event logo on it to make sure her guests had a totally immersive experience, in her living room! #alltheway

Nathalie Viel
Operations Director

Nathalie perfectly embodies the idiom: an iron fist in a velvet glove. Her extensive management experience is an important asset to Victoire's growing team. In addition, Nathalie makes sure there's always something to drink and snack on in the dining room. With her, the team doesn't run out of fuel!


Communication and events

Gabrielle Ferland
Events Director

Gab is a force of nature, she has way too much energy for such a small person. It’s fine if she always wants to be in the driver’s seat, because she is the one who makes sure our projects are a success.

Anne Tremblay-Marier
Project manager

Organization is her business! She masters stress like a strong cup of chamomile tea. A fan of outdoor urban dining (mostly picnics), she loves doing tricks with a soccer ball, with the company's challenges or even both at the same time. Whether she is hiking, biking or at a meeting, Anne is always a refreshing presence, which makes working with her such a breath of fresh air!

Samuel Desrosiers
Communications Coordinator

In contrast to his communications work, Samuel likes to be active and play sports in his spare time. He loves pop music, and is always ready to use his considerable knowledge during lunchtime trivia games. The entire team can count on Samuel for help when we need him.

Digital production and content

Gordon Muller
Web Project Manager

Despite his chronic skiing problem, Gordon is ready to help when you need him. Always in solution mode, most snowstorms don’t stop him from being a key part of the team.

Alexandre Cyr
Videographer and Content Creator 

Alex is a silent force who delivers timely jokes and smart ideas. Sometimes his gift for creativity is such a surprise that even he doesn’t expect it.

Julien Hébert
Junior Web Developer 

Julien's professional background and personal interests could only drive him to Victoire. He trained and worked as a mechanic and photographer, he is a sim racing enthusiast and a web programmer, so his expertise is a big PLUS for our company! 

Raphaël Bozonnet
Graphic Designer

Metal lover, Raphaël plays and composes his own music. He is also our martial arts expert and it's not uncommon to see him stretching in the dining room after a day of training. With his creativity and rigour, Raphaël knows how to bring clients' projects to life like no other.

Catherine Grenier
Training Coordinator

With her years of experience in the field of education, Catherine is a great ally in training coordination. No detail escapes her sharp eye. In her spare time, she relaxes with a good read or indulging in her passion for dancing.

Julien Trudel
Project Manager

In addition to being an amazing integrator, Julien is also a hockey fanatic. A big adventurer, he leaves on a trip whenever he gets a chance (and if there’s no chance, he finds a way to make one). Diligent and methodical, we know that VEW client projects are in good hands with Julien.

Stéphanie Chabot
NAPA High Voltage (NHV) Coordinator

A straight talker with a contagious laugh, Stéphanie has quickly carved out a place for herself on the team. She's known for surrounding herself in blue: from her desk accessories to her Jeep. Her extensive experience in the field of automobiles and electric cars makes Stéphanie an essential part of the team.

David Saulnier
Project Manager

A fan of sports, video games and board games, David is a reliable team player and the same is true at work. With attention to detail and passion for what he does, David really enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with his colleagues. His experience certainly helps the team be more efficient in its work methods.

Elizabeth Leclerc
Graphic Artist

Elizabeth is our authentic Blueberry from Lac St-Jean with her charming accent. A fan of snorkeling, she becomes a real fish swimming under?water during her vacations in the sun. Behind her radiant smile hides a professional background in IT and an entrepreneurial spirit. What’s her pride and joy? Her son!

Julie Barrette
Customer Experience Manager

She’s active, but not hyperactive! Julie has several arrows in her quiver, both in the arts and in sports, from dekhockey to singing! Her organizational talents, her analytical mind and her ability to adapt have allowed her to evolve and broaden her skills in different professional fields.

Mechanic Web Services

Geneviève Lizotte
Account Manager Quebec Region

Our number one dog lover always brings us back to reality when someone starts an improbable plan. Adored by all our clients, Ge is a steadfast member of the team.

Véronique Chedore-Cantin
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Not only is she resilient and an excellent listener, Vero is truly a ray of sunshine. Her presence is so relevant that we forget the 10 hours drive that separate us.


Audrey Bouchard
Senior advisor

Christmas fanatic and master yogi, Audrey is the quality controller of all our projects. Once you’ve witnessed her years of experience at work, you won’t ever want to live without it.


Elon Dust
Sanitation Manager

Robotically thorough, he has the energy to share his passion for (at least) 45 minutes. For our dear Elon, everything runs slowly! Discreet by nature, he skirts the floor and weaves in and out of chairs when he feels he is being watched. In his spare time, he likes to recharge his batteries and clear his mind in the Victoire lounge.