Protection of Personal Information Policy

Victoire Events & Web or Gestion d’Événements Victoire inc. (VEW) places great importance on the protection of personal information. It is committed to respecting and applying the principles relating to the protection of personal information that it collects as part of all its activities. 

To this end, we invite you to read the Protection of Personal Information Policy (Policy) that we have established to govern our company’s practices relating in particular to the collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of personal information in accordance with the applicable privacy laws. 

1. VEW Activities 

Victoire is a multidisciplinary team that specializes in web visibility: social media, websites, video and graphic design, and corporate event management. 

  • Management and organization of events 
  • Web design 
  • Programming 
  • Integration 
  • Video production 
  • Graphic design 
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) 
  • Optimisation of social networks 
  • Community management 
  • Web communication strategy 

2. Person Responsible for the Protection of Personal Information

Patrick Gagnon, President of VEW, is the person responsible for the treatment of personal information that VEW processes, and ensures that VEW complies with the applicable privacy laws. 

Here is the contact information of the person responsible: 

Postal address: 358, rue Jackson, local 304, Quebec City (QC) G1N 4C5 
Office phone: 418-694-4455 

3. Personal Information Collected by VEW

As part of its activities and when it provides its services, VEW may collect and process various personal information. 

Here is a list of the types of personal information VEW may collect from you: 

  • Contact details (ex. phone number, email, civic address, etc.) 
  • Information identifying you (ex. first name, last name, date of birth, social insurance number, etc.) 
  • Financial data (ex. bank details, payment information, etc.) 
  • Information collected by navigation cookies (ex. visit statistics, navigation data, data completed in a contact form, comments entered, mobile navigation data) 
  • Data linked to a recruitment process (ex. CV, educational background, employment history, references, etc.) 
  • Any information or sensitive information received as part of a service provision, obtained by our clients on their behalf, obtained publicly or through an authorized third party 
  • Any information related to proper management of the company and enabling it to contract in the normal course of its activities. 

4. Means and Circumstances of Collecting Personal Information 

VEW récolte des renseignements personnels lors de ses interactions avec vous et selon les manières suivantes :

  • Services provided by VEW
  • Services offered to VEW 
  • Third parties 
  • Communication by phone, email or other electronic means, or in writing 
  • Website, with technologies that allow VEW to track your browsing behaviour and what you have viewed in the published content 
  • User account 
  • Training and events 

5. Purposes of Collecting Personal Information 

VEW will use your data in accordance with applicable privacy laws. 

Here is how we will use the data we collect: 

  • To offer our services to prospective clients 
  • For the delivery of our services 
  • For recruitment and hiring purposes 
  • As part of the execution of a service or business contract 
  • For payment of services or recovery of sums 
  • Any legitimate and serious interest and according to the determined purposes 
  • In order to improve our services and to carry them out 
  • For the administration and good management of the company 
  • To meet our legal, tax, professional or other obligations 
  • To update outdated information when planning future decisions 
  • For the purposes of an acquisition or development project, or the redesign of an information or electronic delivery system 
  • For the purposes of evaluating certain characteristics, analyzing job performance, economic situations, health, personal preferences, interests or behaviour 
  • In order to mandate any person or organization likely to reduce the risk of serious harm during a confidentiality incident 
  • To prevent fraud and money laundering 
  • For the improvement of the company's security measures 
  • For study, research or statistical production purposes 
  • For a due diligence process 
  • For the conclusion of a commercial transaction 
  • For commercial or philanthropic prospecting purposes 
  • For marketing and business development purposes 

6. Sharing Personal Information 

As part of its activities, VEW may have to communicate personal information to third parties, for various reasons related to the delivery of services or the proper administration of the company.  

Personal information is communicated in accordance with applicable legislation and when authorized to do so. 

VEW and third parties to whom VEW discloses personal information under the terms of this policy may carry out activities outside Quebec. Any personal information of a person used, stored and consulted outside of Quebec may be subject to the laws of those provinces or countries. Consequently, personal information may be subject to access requests by governments, courts or law enforcement in those jurisdictions, in accordance with the laws of those jurisdictions. For example, VEW may share information in response to valid requests from government authorities, courts and law enforcement officials in those countries. 

Subject to applicable laws in these other jurisdictions, VEW will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that adequate security measures are in place with its third parties, requiring them to maintain a level of protection of personal information equivalent to the one that applies in Quebec. 

For any questions regarding the collection, use, sharing or retention of personal information outside of Quebec, please contact the person responsible for the protection of personal information at VEW. 

7. Storage of Personal Information

The protection of your personal information is a priority for VEW, and your personal information is mainly stored in: 

  • Locked offices 
  • Folders 
  • Secure cloud servers 
  • USB keys 
  • Computer servers 
  • Paper documents 

8. Protection of Personal Information

VEW is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of an individual’s personal information. VEW uses customary security measures that are reasonable given the importance of personal information, including physical, electronic and organizational security measures. 

For example, VEW restricts access to its offices, trains its staff accordingly, limits access to personal information, uses passwords and implements well-defined internal practices. VEW may store and process an individual's personal information at its offices. 

All personal information you provide to us is exchanged through a secure server. Unfortunately, the security of any data transmission over the Internet cannot be completely guaranteed. Consequently, although we are fully committed to protecting your personal information, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any information or personal information that you provide to us. 

9. Retention of Personal Information

Except where a minimum retention period is required by law or regulation, our company will only retain the personal information collected for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected. 

10. Destruction of Personal Information 

At the end of the retention period, or when the personal information is no longer needed, VEW will ensure: 

  • To destroy it, or 
  • To deidentify it (that is to say, it will no longer irreversibly allow the person to be identified, and it will no longer be possible to establish a link between the person and the personal information) from being used for serious and legitimate purposes. 

The destruction of personal information by VEW must be done in a secure manner to ensure the protection of this information. 

11. Rights to Personal Information 

VEW is transparent with you and informs you that you have various rights regarding our use of your personal information. 

These are as follows: 

a) Access: You have the right to request a copy of, or access, your personal information that we retain. However, we may not disclose personal information about you where disclosure would reveal personal information about another person or would violate applicable laws. If you would like to obtain a copy or view your personal information, please contact us using the contact details provided in Paragraph 2. 

b) Accuracy: We aim to ensure that your personal information is accurate, up to date and complete. We invite you to contact us to notify us if any of your personal information is not accurate, or if changes have been made so that we can ensure that your personal information is kept up to date. 

c) Refusal: In certain circumstances, you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal information and to ask us to block, erase and limit access to your personal information. If you would like us to stop using your personal information, please contact us using the form provided for this purpose. 

d) Right to restriction: You have the right to request that VEW limit the use of your personal information in certain circumstances. 

e) Transferability: You have the right to request that some of your personal information be provided to you, or another data controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. 

f) Deletion: You have the right to delete your personal information when it is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected or when, in particular, your personal information has been used illegally. 

g) Complaints: If you believe that your privacy or data protection rights may have been infringed, you have the right to file a complaint with the applicable supervisory authority or seek recourse in a court of law. 

You may, at any time, exercise any of the above rights by contacting VEW at the contact details outlines in Paragraph 2. 

12. Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

During your interactions with the services, we may use automatic data collection technology or services to record and collect information that identifies your computer, tracks your use of this website, and collects information about your computer, which tracks your use of this website and collects other personal information and about your Internet browsing habits. This data collection technology may include cookies, web beacons and other similar markers that are part of this website to enhance functionality and navigation for our visitors. 

A cookie is a small data file that is written to your computer’s hard drive and allows it to ‘remember’ information when you visit a website. Web beacons and tags are small strings of code used with a cookie to allow us to record activity on our website. Internet tags, graphic tags and other similar web beacon functions allow us to count the number of users who have visited a particular web page or to access certain cookies. We may use web beacons on this website to count the number of users and to recognize users by accessing our cookies. Being able to access our cookies allows us to personalize this website and improve your experience on this website. We may also include web beacons in HTML formatted email messages that we send to determine which email messages have been opened. 

  • Your IP address 
  • The type of browser and operating system used 
  • The pages of the website that a user visits 
  • Other websites that a user visited before visiting this website 

Please note that only VEW is allowed to use web beacons on its website. You can refuse or disable cookies by changing your browser settings according to the instructions provided in your Internet service provider's help documentation. Please note that by choosing to disable cookies, you may limit your access to some of the personalized features of this website. Cookies and web beacons do not collect or store any of your personal information. 

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Google”), or another comparable technology. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are data files that are stored on your computer to analyze how you use our website. The information that cookies record about your use of our website (including your IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the United States and stored there. Google uses this information to evaluate your use of our website, compile reports on website activity for our website operators and provide details of any other activity on the website related to Internet services. In addition, Google may transmit this information to a third party, where required by law or where the third party is responsible for processing this information on behalf of Google. Google will never use your IP address as part of any other information held by Google in any situation. You can configure your Internet browser to prohibit the recording of cookies, however, it is important to note that without cookies, certain features and functionalities of our website will be unusable. 

By using our website, you consent to the processing of data that Google has collected about you, in the manner described and for the purposes described above. Consent for the collection and retention of data can be withdrawn at any time by clicking on the following link: As the use of analytics tools that contain full IP addresses is a matter of ongoing debate, we would like to point out that our website uses the "Hide IP" feature of Google Analytics that works with a shortened form of IP addresses in order to avoid direct and personal identification. 

Additionally, we use cookies to perform frequency, page usage and marketing evaluations. With regard to the aforementioned evaluations, we use the information recorded using cookies without there being a link to your personal information, which makes it all completely anonymous. 

You can configure your Internet browser so that you can receive notices when cookies recorded, you can decide in each case whether you want to accept cookies, or you can refuse to accept all cookies. However, if you refuse cookies, you may limit how you can use our website. You can delete cookies that are already stored on your hard drive at any time. Details on how to do this can be found in the user guide for your Internet browser program. 

13. Update of the VEW Policy and Revisions

This notice is effective as of September 22, 2023 and replaces all previous versions. 

Applicable privacy laws are constantly evolving, which means this Policy may be subject to several modifications by VEW without notice. The collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of personal information are governed by the version of the Policy in effect at that time.