About us

About Victoire Events & Web

Victoire Events and Web combines its talent for event management with its expertise in web solutions to offer you a wide range services for your events, corporate activities and websites, all with fast turnaround times.

Our expertise includes:

  • Event management and organization
  • Web design
  • Programming
  • Integration
  • Video production
  • Graphic design
  • Organic SEO
  • Optimization for social media
  • Community management
  • Web communications strategy

At Victoire Events and Web, we are not afraid to go out into the field!

Our team

Patrick Gagnon

Our lead creative has tons of great metaphors to explain difficult concepts so they make complete sense. The entire team agrees that Pat must have a warehouse filled with ideas somewhere.

Keven Ouellet
Co-owner and Webmaster

Our official WOW supplier and the shadow behind the success of all our projects. Kev is like a secret ingredient in all the best recipes: Essential.

Chloé Patry Robitaille
Comminucation coodinator 

Comm coordinator, La coordo des comm, podcast host, radio host, TV presenter... Diversity, and above all, efficacity!  With Chloé, fasten your seatbelt,  projects are moving at great speed and always with a smile. Pure happiness for the clients... and the whole team! 

Geneviève Lizotte
Account Manager Quebec Region

Our number one dog lover always brings us back to reality when someone starts an improbable plan. Adored by all our clients Ge is a steadfast member of the team.

Véronique Chedore-Cantin
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Not only is she resilient and an excellent listener, Vero is truly a ray of sunshine. 

Vincent Roy
Video and Graphic Coordinator

The papa bear of the group: usually in his cave and always close by when it’s time for a snack. A master of preparation, no detail escapes his super vision.

Alexandre Cyr
Videographer and Content Creator 

Alex is a silent force who delivers the timely jokes and smart ideas. Sometimes his gift for creativity is such a surprise that even he doesn’t expect it.

Gordon Muller
Web Coordinator

Despite his chronic skiing problem, Gordon is ready to help when you need him. Always in solution mode, most snowstorms don’t stop him from being a key part of the team.

Audrey Bouchard
Main advisor

Christmas fanatic and master yogi, Audrey is the quality controller of all our projects. Once you’ve witnessed her years of experience at work, you won’t ever want to live without it.

Alexandra Blouin-Thibodeau
Accountant Technician 

Her green thumb keeps the office plants alive and she adds just the right amount of eccentricity for the team to stay grounded. Alexa handles the accounts and keeps everything running smoothly.

Anne Tremblay-Marier
Project Manager

Gabrielle Ferland
Events Coordinator

Gab is a force of nature, she has way too much energy for such a small person. It’s fine if she always wants to be in the driver’s seat, because she is the one who makes sure our projects are a success.