Video Is Your Best Representative

Hello! Vincent here, the new kid on the block at Victoire Events and Web. Today I want to tell you about my work creating corporate videos on the Web, and how they can help your company or organization.
You don’t have to be Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson or Harrison Ford to star in a video. And your business doesn’t need to be Microsoft, Mercedes or Telus to make one either. It really doesn’t.

What Can a Video Do for You?

There are many goals for making a video, but mainly it:

  • Explains your company mission and mandate
  • Describes your products and services
  • Introduces the members of your team
  • Presents a demonstration
  • Sends a clear message during exceptional events
  • Positions your company on the web, usually on social networks

What It Takes to Make a Great Video

What is the best way to make a great video? Create a scenario that is complete and customized that targets a specific audience.
Now, you are probably thinking, “Great, but isn’t that expensive?” No, not necessarily.
With a reasonable budget that is planned in advance, you can create a final product that meets your objectives. Have you thought about animation graphics? This is something I will definitely talk about in a future article.
“Okay, but it must take a long time to do!” Sorry to contradict you again, but it all depends on the concept, budget, content, location, etc. Many factors come into play. A proposal from our team will give you a better idea of what is involved. Victoire Events and Web and its Mechanic Web Services division offer a complete turnkey service.

70% of Internet Traffic Is Video

Remember that 70% of Internet traffic is video. If your business doesn’t have video, it is missing a powerful tool in its arsenal. I will also add that video can become your ‘best representative on the road’. Because it works for you on weekends, holidays, even while you sleep. Video is a workhorse!
Contact us at Victoire Events and Web if you are interested in adding video as a tool in your marketing and communications plans. We will be happy to become your experts to help you increase your brand or company’s visibility on the Web and social networks.

Vincent Roy
Video and Graphic Art Production Director


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